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As an employer, when will automatic enrolment apply to me?

The employer duties are being staged-in over six years, and the date you’ll need to begin the process of automatic enrolment is known as your staging date. Staging dates are based on the number of people in an employer’s largest PAYE scheme.

The number of people is based on the latest information available to the regulator, from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) as at 1 April 2012. If you’re an employer using only one PAYE scheme, you can use our interactive tool to find out your staging date.

For all other cases, you may need to carry out a further check to ensure that you have the correct staging date. It remains your responsibility to ensure that you’ve determined the correct staging date for your organisation.

You should therefore ensure that you enter the correct PAYE reference and be aware that there may be other circumstances that could affect your staging date, e.g. if you share a PAYE scheme with a larger organisation.


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