• Workplace issues over winter months

    Dry and settled but turning cooler…indications of more unsettled, breezier conditions…whatever the weather, employers need to have policies in place to help your business cope during periods of bad weather. With weather predictions changing daily in the tabloids from ‘mild for the time of year’ to ‘beast from the east to return’, planning ahead with […]

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  • sickness absence

    UK is the “sickie capital” of Europe

    The UK has been called the sickness capital of Europe because 27% of employees think that it’s OK to take a day off sick when they aren’t ill. How can you send a clear message that this is unacceptable? To get this message across to your employees loud and clear, have a robust return to […]

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  • Are benefits in kind from overseas taxable?

    You’re a shareholder in a company located outside the UK. As a perk you get to use the company owned flat, not only for business trips but also for the occasional holiday. Will you have to pay tax on this perk? Unless you are a director, shadow director or employee of the foreign company (which […]

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  • Autumn Budget
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    Summary of the Autumn Budget 2018

    Tax rates and thresholds Income tax The Conservative Party’s manifesto included a commitment to set the Personal Allowance for tax-free income at £12,500 and the Higher Rate Threshold (HRT), when higher earners start to pay 40% tax, at £50,000 by 2020.  However, following positive forecasts from the OBR, the Chancellor announced that these figures will […]

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  • Allowing employees to buy extra holidays

    You offer all your employees the same amount of holiday but one member of staff says this isn’t enough. They’ve asked if they can buy some additional days from you. If you agree, are there any benefits for you in their arrangement? If an employee buys extra holiday, you’ll save gross pay and employers’ NI […]

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  • Research shows caring responsibilities at work could lead to discrimination

    The UNISON survey was carried out in April and May 2018 and involved 2,940 public service workers, key findings suggested that: 47% the survey respondents thought employers discriminate against employees who are responsible for looking after loved ones 78% believe that staying in a job is harder for carers or parents. 76% of carers and parents have […]

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  • Parental bereavement leave and pay

    A new right. On 13 September 2018 the Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Act 2018 (the Act) received Royal Assent. The Act creates an entitlement to paid statutory parental bereavement leave for the first time. It provides a right to two weeks off work for those employees who have lost a child under the age of […]

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  • Gender pay gap determines women’s choice of employer

    Nearly two-thirds (61%) of women would take an organisation’s gender pay gap into consideration when applying for jobs, a new survey from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) reveals. The poll, commissioned to understand the impact of the gender pay gap on staff motivation and behaviour, also shows that 58% of women would be less likely to […]

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  • Employers may have to include in job advert if it can be done flexibly

    The Business Secretary Greg Clark has announced a series of new measures to back businesses and entrepreneurs, support workers and ensure every part of the country benefits from the government’s modern Industrial Strategy. The new measures include: Proposals to help parents and carers in the workforce While many companies are increasingly embracing flexible working and the […]

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  • Chancellor announces change to apprenticeship levy

    At the Conservative Party Conference Philip Hammond announced that large employers will be able to transfer up to 25% of their apprenticeship levy funds to businesses in their supply chain from April next year. The Chancellor is reported to have said: “We have heard the concerns about how the apprenticeship levy is working, so today we’ve set out a […]

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