According to recent research conducted by life insurance specialists Lifesearch, 8% of people surveyed said they had no ‘real’ friends they could count on as all their social interaction was derived from the internet. 

Without a doubt COVID has left its mark in the world of work, as many are still operating a hybrid or fully remote workforce. Whilst this has been great for many it leaves the unanswered question of whether there will be a long-lasting effect on those that work entirely remotely. 

After reflecting on our own business during the darkest days of the pandemic, we made sure we prioritised working in the office for those who lived alone, to enable them to have other people around them albeit from a distance. It was important to put the metaphorical arm around them to show them they had support. 

Everyone also got a Mental Health First Aid Kit to help with those days when it was tough. Some of our staff have trained as Mental Health First Aiders to add an extra layer of support. 

We are still operating a hybrid working environment for those who want it, but many enjoy the day-to-day office conversations so have preferred to come back fulltime. 

We are always keen to welcome new additions to the team – get in touch if you’re interested! 

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