sickness absence

The UK has been called the sickness capital of Europe because 27% of employees think that it’s OK to take a day off sick when they aren’t ill. How can you send a clear message that this is unacceptable?

To get this message across to your employees loud and clear, have a robust return to work interview process which is applied to all staff without exception; and challenge any behaviour that doesn’t seem right.

A return to work interview following every episode of sickness absence (even if it’s half a day) should discourage fraudulent absence. This is because most employees won’t take the risk of being caught out.

If an employee report something which sounds suspicious, e.g. the details of their illness are quite vague, don’t accuse them of lying. Instead, work through the questions in a return to work interview and ask them to provide detailed answers. If they can’t answer them to your satisfaction investigate the matter further.


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