Tax-Free Childcare opens to all parents with children under 12

tax-free childcare
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From 14 February 2018 Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) opens to all remaining eligible working parents with children under 12 can apply for up to £2,000 of childcare support per child, per year (up to £4,000 for disabled children). HMRC has been gradually rolling out Tax-Free Childcare since April 2017 and now all eligible parents can apply. For every £8 parents pay into their childcare account the government will add an extra £2. Once eligible parents have opened their new account they can start paying their childcare provider straightaway, using the government contribution. More than 190,000 parents have successfully applied and now have a Tax-Free Childcare account they can use to pay for a wide range of regulated childcare, including nurseries, childminders, after school or holiday clubs. Parents in England can also apply for 30 hours free childcare through the service and more than 340,000 families have successfully dome so.

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