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Learn how online payroll solutions can streamline the transition and solve complex automatic enrolment challenges for your business.

The cloud, payroll and automatic enrolment

In recent years, more businesses have begun catering to the ‘cloud’. Google Drive, the Apple iCloud and the ever-increasing social networks like Facebook and Instagram all exist in the cloud.

The cloud itself, is another way of referring to online capabilities, programmes and storage. Online services, such as the ones mentioned above, offer increasing flexibility for people and businesses in the 21st century.

Now reaching much further than just online storage facilities, businesses are able to utilise solutions developed and expanded into the cloud confidently running integral parts of their businesses through these new and easily accessible means.

With ever-increasing services provided online, many businesses are able to improve efficiency and productivity, whilst reducing costs and overheads. Payroll and finance departments haven’t been left behind: the take-up of online solutions for a range of businesses in this area has been positive and continues to rise.

1 Compliance confidence

Keeping up-to-date with the latest software releases can be difficult, especially when there is more than one computer or user to update within your business. As payroll and tax legislation is always being updated, waiting for disks in the post to arrive or downloading updates can take up valuable time for your workforce – late updates can be costly – automatic enrolment non-compliance fines can be up to £10,000 per day.
Whether using complete online solutions to help eradicate these challenges by updating your software automatically, or by choosing options that work with desktop payroll software to provide a complete end-to-end solution, you can relax in the knowledge that it will all be taken care of in the cloud.

2 Efficient communications

Communicating to your employees about automatic enrolment is legally required. Not only must you notify all eligible employees prior to your staging date, communications must be sent out as new employees or current employees become eligible. This is an ongoing process.
Online solutions can help ease the pressures of sending legal communications, by dispatching these notifications directly to the recipient via the cloud at the touch of a button.
Dramatically reducing printing and postage costs, the cloud will not only help you stay green, but also help minimise those overheads.

3 Increased security

As more and more data is captured and stored online, cloud solutions are able to offer much more rigorous security that is able to respond quickly to ever-changing capabilities online. Security levels offered by many business solutions in the cloud can provide customers with high level protection, which is paramount to an organisation’s operations.

4 Mobile access 24/7

Mobile devices and apps have risen in popularity over the last few years, and it’s a trend that appears to continue to climb with no signs of stopping. With more people gaining access to smartphones with app capabilities and add-ons, business and data management has become easier for everyone, not just the average office worker.
Accessing information via specific apps on a phone, from legitimate sources allows a worker to interact more efficiently and easily with company resources. The cloud is a vital component of app uptake and usage, and many businesses can help engage more effectively and directly with their workforce, by publishing payslips straight to an app profile, for example.

5 Flexibility for your workforce

As all businesses are required to prepare for eligible employees, this will mean that a huge variety of organisations will have to consider the best way to move forward with automatic enrolment roll outs for their company.

Not only are businesses different from each other, workforces could comprise multiple job roles and styles. For example, field representatives for a business may visit their office location only once a month.

Just as cloud solutions have offered great opportunities for people to maintain connections with friends and family around the world whilst travelling, utilising online solutions from businesses is a great way to streamline communications from company to employee.


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