4 reasons to outsource your payroll

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One of the biggest tasks in business is payroll; it’s important to consider when it’s time to outsource your payroll. Whether it only be a small section of your payroll or the whole lot, we’ve provided a few areas to consider before taking the leap. It’s important to understand purchasing payroll software doesn’t make you infallible to the complex and ever changing (this year anyway!) rules of payroll. The software also doesn’t ensure your employee has the time to process when the payroll is actually due or that they will be available; what will happen when they are on annual leave or unexpectedly off sick?



Do you or your employees have the knowledge it takes to manage the company’s payroll effectively let alone efficiently? More often than not, a company will employ someone to complete administrative tasks, with payroll as an additional extra. Unfortunately this employee may not fully understand the complexities; nor the legislation, law, and case law surrounding payroll. That’s where having a dedicated team who are knowledgeable in this area works wonders. Are you aware of the timescales for submissions across the governing bodies? There are a number of penalties that could mount up for simply not filing or paying things at the correct date. 


When you outsource your payroll, you are giving your payroll to a team who work on complex payroll requests hourly. Their focus is entirely on payroll. The Payroll Hub team here conducts payroll tasks day in, day out and have a wealth of knowledge and a combined total of over 40 years of experience in payroll. Powered by this vast knowledge the dedicated team give you the benefit of their years of training to provide rapid processing and responses to your requests in the time frame you need. 

Bespoke Services

Though Payroll Hub offers three packages (Bronze, Silver and Gold) there’s also the ability to tailor-make a package of services to suit your business’ needs. Ensuring you only pay for what you will value. It’s here where you can discuss your needs in full with our Payroll Manager who can really grasp what it is that will assist you. Having Payroll Hub should feel like an extension of your team.


It’s imperative to know your payroll is in safe hands. Using Payroll Hub provides that added security, we have up to date bank level security software and we are BACS accredited so our systems are reviewed and passed as secure on a regular basis.


Outsourcing your payroll may not be easy but we aim to make it a simple and straightforward process. Talk to our team today, we’ll be able to assist you in what you need whilst identifying what package may be ideal for you. 


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